Saturday, February 13, 2010

Handmade Valentines

Inspired by this post over at Design Mom, I floated the idea of making our own Valentine's Day cards. My twin six-year-olds (Thing 1 and Thing 2) thought it would be a great way for us to spend time in our new art studio. (Look for a later post on this.) We started by checking out our favorite art project website...Art Projects for Kids for a cool idea. They both liked this one:

I bought a 50-pack of cards and envelopes for $10 at Michael's, scooped some tissue paper out of the gift wrap cabinet and, viola! After the first few were completed, it became clear that there was no way each of them was going to complete 18 of these bad boys. I had them each pick their favorite one, which was then photocopied and glued them to the front of each card. Tissue paper looks pretty cool when photocopied.

Here are their cards!

The Things surprised me by deciding not to give away candy with their Valentines. Instead, they each gave a swirly straw like this:

Girl Thing added a Valentine pencil like this:

Boy Thing added fake tatoos like these:

  • I'm so proud of the kids for making their own cards. I think they look pretty good!
  • Not gonna lie to you....I outsourced supervision of writing in each card to my weekly babysitter/miracle worker, Rachel.
  • Plan ahead for homemade cards and projects. I wish I could have ordered some cool pencils or other doo dads from Etsy rather than hitting the local Party City.
  • We spent $30 for 36 cards, including the straws, pencils and tatoos - that's about 83 cents each. This is probably more expensive than the Disney princes or Spiderman box sets they would have chosen. However, I think the lesson of handmade is a good one and definitely worth the few extra bucks we spent.
What do you think? Did you make something for Valentine's Day?


Christina said...

I love the idea of giving friends fun straws instead of candy. The tissue hearts look great. I saw where you asked for boy ideas on Design Mom ... we are taking "You Rock" goodie bags to school Tuesday. Pictures and links to where I got the ideas on my site.

Style Maniac said...

Awww, so cute! Great idea about using the photocopier ... and those swirly straws are the best! This a.m. my nieces made a virtual Valentine card (using Polyvore) to illustrate a guest post by my sis about Valentine family dinners ... turned out pretty good. Have a lovely day tomorrow.

Kathy Barbro said...

Love the cards, they are really beautiful. Thanks for sharing my site!


Sofia said...

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